03 November, 2016 | Jakarta International , Jakarta, Indonesia

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In partnership with the Indonesia Ministry of Defence and PT Napindo, we are proud to host the Indo Defence 2016 Tri-Services Forum in Jakarta. With the theme of Projecting Maritime Power in the Digital Battlespace through Technological Innovation and Partnerships, the Forum will feature opening key ...

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Indonesia Defence Report Strategic Outlook and Essence of National Defence

This Indonesia defence report serves as a guideline for the implementation of national defence. It presents a overview of dynamics of strategic security environment in the asia pacific region, implementation of the basic principles of national defence, and the policy, strategy, and management of national defence capability.

Indonesia Defence Report - Development & Budget

National defence development relies on the defence budget allocated by the government. To date, the total amount of the defence budget determined by the national budget capability and allocation of national development priority on every strategic plan of national development. Download this whitepaper to find out more about Indonesia's State...

Map: Asia-Pacific Armoured Vehicles Inventories & Developments 2016

View this interactive overview of regional armoured vehicle inventories and requirements by navigating the map and clicking on the nations and elements of interest to you. Information includes updates on the geopolitical/industrial strategic situations of individual countries, future investment plans, and the existing stocks of main battle tanks, armoured personnel...